Let’s Talk Tuesday: 7 dares

Sometimes I focus too much on planning, when I shouldn’t be. Why you ask? In this post I’ll explain. thefangirlinitiative.com via giphy


Hey friends,

So around the time of Labor Day weekend, I had been watching Game of Thrones, eating all types of junk, and would go to sleep. Have you ever just wanted to do something but talk yourself out of it? Make up any excuse on why not to do something? Well here’s what my dream said about that.

I’m not sure it must have been some junk food I ate,

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Mundane Friday: Things don’t, always, go as planned

Growing up, I use to try and plan everything down to a T. Now that I’m older, I’ve made some evaluations about life. kecinacarter.com via giphy

Hello friends,

Lately, I’ve been trying to get my life in order. By that I mean, I’ve been trying to do things in a certain order, by a certain time, before a certain day, and lately, I’ve been giving myself deadlines; but for what?

Ever since I was younger I’ve been a “planner”, I put the quotes on planner because the only time it use to work was when I’d schedule the times my tv shows would come on.

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Let’s Talk Tuesday : My Landlord Has Dementia

A year ago I was living in an apartment under a lady who was a bit, unusual. Talking cats, flying gypsy, and other odd things she’d tell me. Read below to get the full story. (Reddit via giphy)

Hello Friends,

I was going through my old blog post and found this old post I had written. I had a blog through blogger and thought that I’d post it again. I have been through some crazy things in my short life, I thought this was interesting so I re-posted it again.

At the time, I had just moved into my very first place with my beloved boyfriend. In the month of September, year 2015 we got somewhat settled in, and although I should be happy, my happiness didn’t last very long. You know that saying, “My landlord is crazy,” or “I don’t like dealing with my landlord because they never x, y, z,” well my landlord has dementia (I’m not a doctor or anything but I looked it up, and she has all the signs. Or maybe she has something else wrong with her, but something is definitely wrong).

My boyfriend and I were endlessly looking for a new place, we needed to get our own space because our roommate — who was an elderly over obsessed, clean freak that complained about everything, especially, on how long I took showers. She said I made the bathroom too “steamy”

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Let’s Talk Tuesday: How to cure writers block #2

Ever wondered how some writers get through their writers block? Well here are 4 tips that might just help you. (reddit.com via giphy)

Hello friends,

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Mundane Friday: I have my first podcast uploaded

Hello friends,

While I do start school today, I was too excited to wait to upload my first podcast show. I was pretty nervous, and I should’ve organized myself but, then again, my brand is called Shut Up Smiley. It only made sense that I just ramble a little. This post is going to be very short, because I have focus Continue reading “Mundane Friday: I have my first podcast uploaded”

Let’s Talk Tuesday: Burning down the house…

I got asked a weird question at work yesterday, so I thought I’d post it and ask what you, the reader, thought. reddit via/ giphy

Hello friends,

Yesterday at work, I got asked a random question. I kid you not, my coworker walked up to my desk and asked me, “Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe — good because I have a fish tank lol) What do you grab?

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Mundane Friday: I start class next week

This summer was… wack. Well, not all the way wack, here are some evaluations I made about my summer. reddit.com via/ giphy


Hello friends,

My summer has come to an end because classes start next week, but I’m not so sure I’m ready. I felt like I needed this break but when I think about what I did all summer… I did absolutely nothing. Granted it’s not like I can go home for the summer and live under my mom’s roof, (I live by myself), but still. I mean, the only activity I did was go skating in Jersey but that’s about it.

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