Let’s Talk Tuesday: Don’t Let Stupid Boys Control You

Hello Friends,

So, I indirectly know this girl, and I feel the need to share her story just in case someone else is going through the same situation. Before my current relationship,  I knew nothing about boys, neither did I know the games they play. I promise this is not made up, this is actually factual.

(Because of the privacy law on my page, I will, under no circumstances release her personal info)


Miss. Unknown: “I’ve been with this mystery guy for about three years, on and off. We met at a party, when we saw each other across the room. He walked up to me while a slow jam, they don’t know by Jon B. was playing when he asked me for a dance. He was cute, about 6’2” medium brown with really nice waves I just couldn’t resist saying yes. While dancing we were talking and found out that we had a lot in common. I gave him my number, he would call here and there but I wanted more. He took me out on a date, in the city and I was so happy. We saw a movie and ate right after, I didn’t want the night to end, so we went back to my place and had some late night coffee. While us trying to get to know each other, the boy told me that he use to be married but they never got a chance to have children together, so I asked him if he ever wanted to have kids — I mean he was about early to mid thirties. He said he never thought about it, but if the time was right, he guess he’d be happy. I understood and wasn’t bothered too much by the fact, so we hung out in my house and… you know the rest.

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Let’s Talk Tuesday: Vaginal Care — WARNING

Dear Women,

***This article is for health purposes only, any sexual reference comment is not allowed or tolerated and will be blocked.***

As a woman, I think it’s important that we discuss about our vagina’s. Now I know, why would we need to talk about our vagina’s but some people may have questions but are afraid to ask them, or may just not know about how to keep your vagina healthy and clean.

As us women mature, our bodies change from the time we’re babies until the time we die. We have hormones, get our periods, grow breast, pimples, and even our vagina changes as well. Our vagina work by themselves, if you take too much care of it, you can cause danger to her, but if you don’t care for her enough, you can cause danger her as well. Finding a medium in Continue reading “Let’s Talk Tuesday: Vaginal Care — WARNING”

Bookworms: The Unheralded King of Preston Plains Middle

Hey Everyone,

I know I’ve just disappeared, but I’m in the process of transitioning to a new job. Although, I will miss my old job it wasn’t helping me with my bills and all that other boring adult stuff. In this time, I’ve been reading, like I always do, Unheralded King of Preston Plains Middle by Jedah Mayberry. Before I moved out of Connecticut, my neighbor’s son, wrote a book and she was so kind enough to give me a sample.

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Bookworms: Love, Lies, Scandal

Hello Bookworms,

This book, Love, Lies, Scandal by Earl Sewell, this book isn’t what I usually read but the cover grabbed my attention (even though you’re not suppose to judge a book by its cover, I do all the time lol) and surprisingly it was a good read. The book starts off about a successful women who has it all from her own network show to being married to a congress man, until within a blink of an eye she looses it all.

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Bookworms: Playing The Hand You’re Dealt

Hello everyone,

Today we have another book recommendation/review! I’m really excited about this one, it’s kind of a scandalous but trying to be true to her bestie kind of story. This book, Playing The Hand Your Delt by Trice Hickman, is a love story about how age difference doesn’t matters, but also not being able to express how you love that person because of family and not wanting to ruin your friendship with your best friend. While I was reading this, I often asked myself, would I ruin a friendship for my soul mate? And I honestly don’t know, to be honest. Then again you surprise yourself being put in a situation and how you react to it.

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Bookworms: The Forgotten Girl

Hello Internet World,

I want to try something new which is book recommendations and reviews. I love to read and I always try to search for new books but never have anyone to recommend me to any so for all the people that are book worms like I am here is to you. Recently, I bought and just finished reading a book called, The Forgotten Girl by Alexa Steele. This was a really good book and I love it because not only is the story good but I learned a lot about female psychopaths such as how some of them don’t have real emotions.

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Mundane Friday: Good Bye FIT, Hello Summer – My Bad Experience

Hello Friends,

Today is the last day of classes and I’m more then ready for summer. I had a very stressful freshman year that I am not proud of. This school doesn’t fit my personality and you may ask how and I’ll explain in the next few paragraphs. FIT is a great school but in my opinion the people, teachers, and atmosphere just …

Sucks. Sorry but I have no other way of putting it but I just felt like I didn’t fit with whole make up of the school. When I first got there we had some ice breakers where we told a little about ourselves so it could be a judgement free zone. On the contrary it was nothing but judgement afterwards, Continue reading “Mundane Friday: Good Bye FIT, Hello Summer – My Bad Experience”