Let’s Talk Tuesday: How to cure writers block #2

Ever wondered how some writers get through their writers block? Well here are 4 tips that might just help you. (reddit.com via giphy)


Hello friends,

I am completely exhausted and the semester just started, I really need to start preparing my blog posts more. Anyways, sometimes when it comes to blogging, it’s hard to come up with content (especially me who tries to blog twice a week). So I Continue reading “Let’s Talk Tuesday: How to cure writers block #2”

Mundane Friday: I have my first podcast uploaded

Hello friends,

While I do start school today, I was too excited to wait to upload my first podcast show. I was pretty nervous, and I should’ve organized myself but, then again, my brand is called Shut Up Smiley. It only made sense that I just ramble a little. This post is going to be very short, because I have focus Continue reading “Mundane Friday: I have my first podcast uploaded”

Let’s Talk Tuesday: Burning down the house…

I got asked a weird question at work yesterday, so I thought I’d post it and ask what you, the reader, thought. reddit via/ giphy

Hello friends,

Yesterday at work, I got asked a random question. I kid you not, my coworker walked up to my desk and asked me, “Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe — good because I have a fish tank lol) What do you grab?

Uhm… first thing I would grab is my important papers; birth certificate, social security card, etc. Second thing, would have to be Continue reading “Let’s Talk Tuesday: Burning down the house…”

Mundane Friday: I start class next week

This summer was… wack. Well, not all the way wack, here are some evaluations I made about my summer. reddit.com via/ giphy


Hello friends,

My summer has come to an end because classes start next week, but I’m not so sure I’m ready. I felt like I needed this break but when I think about what I did all summer… I did absolutely nothing. Granted it’s not like I can go home for the summer and live under my mom’s roof, (I live by myself), but still. I mean, the only activity I did was go skating in Jersey but that’s about it.

I was actually suppose to have fun this summer because that was the agreement I made to myself, I said, “Self, the only way you can get out of having class this summer is if you do something productive and/or fun.” Continue reading “Mundane Friday: I start class next week”

Let’s Talk Tuesday: How to cure writers block

Ever wonder how some can push threw their writers block? Read this article and learn some tips on how to get through your writers block

Hello Friends,

Sometimes my writers block gets the best of me, usually it takes me a few hours to get over it though. These past few weeks I just haven’t been in the mood to really write a lengthy post, I don’t know if it’s because now I’m starting school pretty soon, or I got too much on mind but I just can’t seem to shake it. I went online and did some research and found this app that gives you writing prompts so you can get out of your writers block. The app looks like the picture Continue reading “Let’s Talk Tuesday: How to cure writers block”

Mundane Friday: I hate money

I hate that every time we want or need something we have to have money. Here I discuss how rent is too high and all over how New York is too expensive for the average joe.

Hey friends,

I really hate money sometimes. I personally think that money is the root of all evil; people die over it, people crave it, if you don’t have enough then people will rob you over it.

Living in New York, I feel like things are overly expensive for no reason. Before I got my apartment, we, my boyfriend and I, were looking at studios because we were scared that we couldn’t afford a one bed room. We went to a lot of real estate agents and they would tell us that $900 and $800 studios and one bedrooms were nonexistent. The reason why apartments are so expensive now is because the governor just passed a law where landlords can’t raise the rent every year,

Continue reading “Mundane Friday: I hate money”

Bookworms: I almost forgot about you

Hello Bookworms,

Today’s book is brought to you by Terry McMillan, some of you may know her for books and movies like How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Waiting To Exhale, and Disappearing Act. She’s recently come out with another book (and I made sure to take my time to read it, so I can fully enjoy its fruitfulness story) called I Almost Forgot About You.

Dr. Georgia Young is an optometrist who is looking to switch professions, it wasn’t something that she wanted to do but did it because she thought that’s what her parents wanted her to do. Now that she’s older, she wants to try and switch professions, sell her house, go on a train ride, and not only that, why not look up old “flings” while we’re at it? And she does just that. While trying to find herself after two kids, failed marriages, and a profession she’s not happy in she almost forgets what makes her happy. But when a guy named Stanley (aka Stan) who comes back in her life you see her start to find true happiness (even if she’s hard headed).

Continue reading “Bookworms: I almost forgot about you”