Mundane Friday: So I’m trying to work out

I can’t believe I actually, accidently worked out; and it wasn’t so bad…


Hey friends,

So I’m trying to work out. The funny thing is, it’s not by choice. How you ask? College… plus I wasn’t paying attention to what class I was signing up for.

This semester so far has been, shit. I think that’s why I hadn’t post anything last week Friday because I got lazy and was trying to do everything at once. I mean I promote my blog, edit, maintain, and now that I’m back in school, I have homework. But anyways, this semester has been something else. I was suppose to have four classes, but ended up with only two. One of Continue reading “Mundane Friday: So I’m trying to work out”


A quick post about my birthday! I’m so excited!

What is up plays?

If you can’t tell by the caption, my bday is today and I am so happy and blessed to have a job that pays the bills, and possibly help me to have fun tonight, well, possibly lol.

On September 16th, 1994 your girl was born in the wee hours of 12 am, (I was there but I’m not sure exactly). I was born! Every year on my birthday though, I hardly ever do anything. Which is crazy, when Continue reading “Mundane SATURDAY: IT’S YOUR GIRLS BDAY!”

Mundane Friday: I’m thinking minimalist

Have you ever heard of a minimalist? Or maybe seen something on Facebook? In this post, I explain shortly what a minimalist is. via giphy

Hello friends,

Lately I’ve been walking around my apartment and I say to myself, “damn, I have a lot of shit.” I know where it came from, but I’ve been dying to get rid of everything, here’s why.

When I was younger and would visit family members, I use to think, dang. They have a lot of shit too. Not an episode of hoarders but… maybe close to it. But I always promised myself, my apartment wouldn’t look like that and… it did, but not by choice. When I first moved, I had plans of how I wanted my first place to look. The only downside to that was, when I was moving, Continue reading “Mundane Friday: I’m thinking minimalist”

Mundane Friday: Things don’t, always, go as planned

Growing up, I use to try and plan everything down to a T. Now that I’m older, I’ve made some evaluations about life. via giphy

Hello friends,

Lately, I’ve been trying to get my life in order. By that I mean, I’ve been trying to do things in a certain order, by a certain time, before a certain day, and lately, I’ve been giving myself deadlines; but for what?

Ever since I was younger I’ve been a “planner”, I put the quotes on planner because the only time it use to work was when I’d schedule the times my tv shows would come on.

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Let’s Talk Tuesday : My Landlord Has Dementia

A year ago I was living in an apartment under a lady who was a bit, unusual. Talking cats, flying gypsy, and other odd things she’d tell me. Read below to get the full story. (Reddit via giphy)

Hello Friends,

I was going through my old blog post and found this old post I had written. I had a blog through blogger and thought that I’d post it again. I have been through some crazy things in my short life, I thought this was interesting so I re-posted it again.

At the time, I had just moved into my very first place with my beloved boyfriend. In the month of September, year 2015 we got somewhat settled in, and although I should be happy, my happiness didn’t last very long. You know that saying, “My landlord is crazy,” or “I don’t like dealing with my landlord because they never x, y, z,” well my landlord has dementia (I’m not a doctor or anything but I looked it up, and she has all the signs. Or maybe she has something else wrong with her, but something is definitely wrong).

My boyfriend and I were endlessly looking for a new place, we needed to get our own space because our roommate — who was an elderly over obsessed, clean freak that complained about everything, especially, on how long I took showers. She said I made the bathroom too “steamy”

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Mundane Friday: I start class next week

This summer was… wack. Well, not all the way wack, here are some evaluations I made about my summer. via/ giphy


Hello friends,

My summer has come to an end because classes start next week, but I’m not so sure I’m ready. I felt like I needed this break but when I think about what I did all summer… I did absolutely nothing. Granted it’s not like I can go home for the summer and live under my mom’s roof, (I live by myself), but still. I mean, the only activity I did was go skating in Jersey but that’s about it.

I was actually suppose to have fun this summer because that was the agreement I made to myself, I said, “Self, the only way you can get out of having class this summer is if you do something productive and/or fun.” Continue reading “Mundane Friday: I start class next week”

Mundane Friday: I hate money

I hate that every time we want or need something we have to have money. Here I discuss how rent is too high and all over how New York is too expensive for the average joe.

Hey friends,

I really hate money sometimes. I personally think that money is the root of all evil; people die over it, people crave it, if you don’t have enough then people will rob you over it.

Living in New York, I feel like things are overly expensive for no reason. Before I got my apartment, we, my boyfriend and I, were looking at studios because we were scared that we couldn’t afford a one bed room. We went to a lot of real estate agents and they would tell us that $900 and $800 studios and one bedrooms were nonexistent. The reason why apartments are so expensive now is because the governor just passed a law where landlords can’t raise the rent every year,

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