Let’s Talk Tuesday: I found an easy way to poop at work

Ever wanted to use the bathroom, with out the smell? Well here's a product that can help with that. Click to read more!


Let’s Talk Tuesday: Alternative Methods to Handle Periods May Be Unconventional But It’s Better

Have you ever thought about switching from disposable pads to reusable? Everyone should be aware of the dangers in these products and have the option to at least choose disposable or reusable...

Let’s Talk Tuesday: Don’t Let Stupid Boys Control You

Hello Friends, So, I indirectly know this girl, and I feel the need to share her story just in case someone else is going through the same situation. Before my current relationship,  I knew nothing about boys, neither did I know the games they play. I promise this is not made up, this is actually … Continue reading Let’s Talk Tuesday: Don’t Let Stupid Boys Control You

Let’s Talk Tuesday: Vaginal Care — WARNING

As us women mature, our bodies change from the time we're babies until the time we die. We have hormones, get our periods, grow breast, pimples, and even our vagina changes as well. Our vagina work by themselves, if you take too much care of it, you can cause danger to her, but if you don't care for her enough, you can cause danger her as well. Finding a medium in between the two will make you and your vagina very happy