Hello Dear Readers,

  I am the founder and creator of Shut Up Smiley, which was born on March 18th, 2010. The reason for my blog is the simple reason of me not being able to shut up. I love to talk, write, make videos, of nothing and in hopes of people, who are bored one day, will watch what I am doing.

  The content of this blog is for personal use, book recommendations, and life experiences as well. With my book recommendation though, I want to bring to light African-American authors, I feel like they don’t get the much-needed love. Yes, we do have famous black authors, but what about the people that are just coming up? I want to recognize them too. For some of you that have been following me, you may know me as, My Life Style or may remember old layouts and topics I’ve changed over the years but a lot can happen in 7 years, but this is the official website by me and I won’t be changing anything about my brand (I’m kidding, I just changed it recently lol)

  A little info about me is that I love to write and I love to read, I am a strong believer that words are the key to life and especially if you use them correctly you can make it anywhere in life. Also, I have a cartoon, who will make appearances on my blog every so often, her name is Lana B. (I’m so happy I finally have my own cartoon lol I draw her myself by the way). I’m very passionate about my blog, she’s my baby and I’ve had her for about, almost 7 years now – officially and non-officially – and I’m proud of what she’s become. I hope you guys enjoy my blog and don’t be afraid to comment I love conversation!

  So in conclusion, this blog is for you guys to enjoy while I express myself, so stay tuned for the next post, until next time ❤

Your Blogger,

Aryelle Newell


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