Let’s Talk Tuesday: I went to BookCon!

This year, I told myself that I would enjoy what the year brings. When I was younger I always wanted to explore but being from a small town there wasn’t much for me to do but when I came to the city it kind of changed… but not really though.

I’d want to do certain things and explore places but the people I knew were wack and weren’t geeky like me. Going to fashion school, the people there were too much into what looks good and how to act and that wasn’t me.

My status quo wasn’t cool so I left and just spent my days inside. Don’t get it twisted though, I made my own fun, I’ve got a very “do what I want by myself” type of person. If I want to do it, I do it in my own time, I don’t wait for anyone.

There were a lot of events going on in the city that I could’ve done but I would either miss it or just miss it by like a day or so. Last year, I made sure to check out the events I wanted to go to beforehand and made sure to write them down on my calendar.

The first event I planned on going to was BookCon. When I first heard of BookCon, it was actually mentioned on the show Younger (a show all about a woman who acts younger so she can work with a publishing company) and I actually thought it was fake until I googled it.

Watching videos on youtube to see what people’s experiences were, reading about it on other people’s blogs and it seemed like so much fun! So I bought my tickets and waited for the date to arrive.

The week of BookCon I was excited, then I found out that Abbi Jacobson from Broad City was going to be there and I was astonished!

As some of you may know, I made a post about her called Homage Tuesday: The Women of 2018 and plus her show Broad City, was playing on repeat on my tv for like a month straight! I literally counted down the days for BookCon to arrive and then it did!

My husband and I woke up late, which wasn’t intended but it happens. We got dressed, got in the car, and headed to the city. Once we got to the city (because we’re only in The Bronx) at about 12:15 and couldn’t find parking, we had to pay for parking (which sucked because they charged us an event rate).

As we were walking to the building, I started to get a little wobbly-legged! Once my husband and I got our tickets scanned we (I mean me lol) grabbed a free tote bag and both of us grabbed badge lanyards for our badges so they can be scanned. When we walked inside, it was fascinating!

There were so many things to look at and people everywhere, it was kind of annoying at first (New Yorkers hate being in crowded places, that’s why we really don’t go to 42nd street) and plus we didn’t know where to start. On our way inside, we saw a sign that Omar Epps was a surprise guest and going to be signing his new book From Fatherless to Fatherhood.

My husband was excited about that, he loved his movie Juice and In Too Deep. He was planning on arriving at 2:30 so we had plenty of time to look around before both our people showed up.


Before I came to BookCon and with me doing some research, I tried to have at least a plan for things to see and places to stop by. But when you’re actually there, there’s so much going on that those plans go straight out the window.

On the top of my list was Abbi Jacobson speaking at her panel but by the time I got there, it already started and I couldn’t find where the panel rooms were. But then… it happened, just as I was walking by to check The Novel Suspects I saw her standing there!

I stop and nearly had a panic attack. Of course, my husband was wondering what was going on and before he could ask me, I jumped so quick in that line that all you saw was a shadow. I was so eager to see Abbi just standing there and being beautiful and goofy and glowing as ever!


I was so nervous to touch her lol

These are little videos my phone makes before it takes the picture, there’s no sound but I just love showing them. Once Abbi signed my book and we had taken our gorgeous pictures we rushed over to see Omar Epps. He had shown up early and by the time we got to his booth, there was already a long ass line.

The line moved somewhat quickly though, and I was still just as wobbly-legged, especially after leaving Abbi’s booth but him being so sweet eased my nerves. We had a nice conversation about his new movie Traffik and he asked me what I thought.

We had a short talk but in that moment I told him I was sad he died in the movie, he told me, “Sometimes we have to die for the people we love.” Then we took our picture, I also have videos of Omar Epps as well as pictures. In the picture below you can see my husband in the back (his wearing the pink shirt).

That’s my husband in the pink shirt lol



Even though meeting these two was the biggest highlight of the evening the books that BookCon offered were just as marvelous too.

Before BookCon I received an email saying the there would be a booth for Comic Con 2018. I definitely had to check them out (especially since that’s the next event I plan on going to).

There was a man that was there, his name was Ivan Brandon and he was promoting his comic book and out of the books that were there, I really wanted a comic book.

There were so many selections but I’ve always wanted to purchase a comic book. I’m not sure what the company name is but I know the name of the comic is called Black Cloud and Ivan even signed it for me too!

I haven’t read the whole comic book yet because I’ve been a little busy but I have read the first two pages. I love all the colors and the theme of what the comic is so far. Another company I found pretty incredible is a company called Illustory Junior by Lulu Jr which is an illustration company.

They gave out these envelopes and inside were papers and on those papers, you can draw your own creations. Once you’ve filled the pages with your illustrations you can send it back to the company and they will then turn it into a book and ship it back to you. I had to have one of these!

My own illustration book? How dope is that. On the booth as well as the papers inside the envelope said it was for children, so I wasn’t trying to make myself look stupid and asked if adults could submit their ideas as well? The guy I was talking to said, of course, there’s no age limit and that made me relieved.

There were even companies there for adults such as Brewers Publications where you can make your own beer at home. I’ve always been curious about how to make wine and beer at home but I’ve also heard that it can be dangerous to make these things at home. What Brewers Publication does is tell you how to produce beer in a safe and easy way (they even have IPA which my husband loves)!

I had so much fun at BookCon and even though I’m posting this a day late I’m actually trying to start a business. My mind easily gets off track so while I was writing this post I was doing research my business and getting it together. I’m thinking about whether or not I’ll post it on my blog.

I probably will so you guys can check it out and all that jazz but I’ll definitely be promoting it EVERYWHERE lol. My blog and my business will be different though, so I’m not sure how that will work actually, I’ll figure it out though. I hope that you enjoyed this post, comment down below if you ever heard of BookCon or if you went. Later!

With Love & Sweetness,


P.S I still am planning on doing my podcast, I’ve actually received some questions about that. It’s just my computer broke and my mic isn’t compatible with the Chromebook. It will be coming back but in the near future, I just have to handle other things first lol, later!

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