Homage Tuesdays: The Women of 2018

Another homage post about some awesome shows I’ve been watching lately.


Hello friends,

2018 has started off on a weird turn of events. I can’t really go into detail of what’s been going on because I’m tired of giving my energy into the negative aspect of the 2018 “The New Year” but the one thing that I can say is, 2018 is a great year for the women and here’s why.

As a young woman, I’ve grown up watching tv. It wasn’t until I was about 15 that I grew to love literature. I would pick up books and read like nobodies business, but when I felt like I needed a break movies and television shows really are what did it for me. As a kid though, I watched kid shows like cartoons and Disney and sometimes would stumble onto grown-up shows. Not all the time did I know what the shows were talking about or how funny the jokes were, I still would watch them. Shows such as Girlfriends and One on One and of course Mo to the, E to the, aka Moesha, would open my eyes to a whole new world of scripted tv. I loved the storylines of those types of show, they were real and authentic, and although I, myself, never experience most of those situations, I still felt like I could relate. It saddens me once those shows ended, I felt like there was nothing that I could relate to, most of the shows after them were unrealistic, I mean c’mon! What girl is really taking over her man’s drug empire or how many guys from the hood are going to make a hood movie about the same damn hood thing? That’s why I was drawn to cartoons for a majority of my life while watching re-runs of old shows. It wasn’t until I found shows such as Insecure, Broad City, Grown-ish, and Alone together that really made me feel like I was givin’ a breath of fresh air.

If you’re a true believer of my blog, you would know that I am a hard fan-fanatic of Issa Raye! When I get paid I’m buying a sweater of the cast from the YouTube series; that’s how much I love her work. This non-perfect, awkward, person trying to figure out life is what I identify with. In my 23 years of life and just now experiencing now adult life, is like a break from reality. Same as Broad city, I recently just finished the series and had enough time to watch it 3 more times. We need more of this in Hollywood! This whole reboot… thing that Hollywood is trying to do is wack. Although bringing back a goodie but oldie can never go wrong but how long can it last? Yes, spin-off shows such as Fuller House has been doing great but… for how long? Hollywood needs to have a cast and call for up and coming writers and screenplay writers who can pitch different ideas to focus groups or whatever, rather than bringing back a show that ended 10 years ago. Hollywood is so dry and lazy with their ideas that the news the other day told me, 2018 is the year of the reboot, so if you had an old show that you loved and it is no longer playing, don’t be surprised if it’s back in the near future. That is just wack! Here are some awesome shows from regular people who had a new and fun way of looking at life and I am in love with it, why doesn’t Hollywood just look for more people with ideas like them. First things first, let me take a step back and explain each show and how I connect with them before I go on an escapade and I lose what I’m trying to say. I have to start with Broad City first, only because it’s a new show to me and I literally spent all weekend watching it. When I found the show it was just a picture of two girls looking into the camera, the description read that it was based in NY and the girls were 20 something-year-olds. That’s all it took for me to start watching the series.

I’m not hard to please when it comes to getting me to watch stuff; especially when I’m bored. As by the trailer, anyone can tell that these girls energy is just… out of this world! The goofy-ness is something that I always look for in quality people because I’m a goofy person and I love to laugh, and the improv? Surperb! Why do I love this show? Because it’s women who don’t care about what society tells them how they should be, they are who they are. My most favorite part is they are not concerned with looking perfect they wear what they want, say what they want, and they’re queens for it!

Grown-ish, on the other hand, is a spin-off of Black-ish where the eldest daughter Zoey Johnson whose played by Yara Shahidi is about a young woman who is a freshman in college figuring life out. I wish I had as many friends as Zoey did in my freshman year of college, then again I went to school in New York and had a very different experience. I admire this show and it’s not even for me, personally, it’s for the young women who need to get exposure in college and it’s challenges. So I’m hoping that as a viewer, I am apart of the process of the longevity of this show; of all these shows actually. The fact that in the first few episodes and Zoey mentioned that she had it all figured out in high school and now the fact that she’s in college and it’s a different ball game really hit a nerve with me. That’s exactly how I felt when I went to college, I thought all I had to do was smile and be friendly but when it came to New York, I had no street smarts. There was a situation with my “so-called-friends” at the time was playing me along with a bunch of other people and even though I pushed myself to be book smart I lacked, (very hard may I add), in street smarts. I was completely illiterate when it came to street smarts (but I’ll save that story for next time). The only thing that bugs me about Grown-ish is the writers make the main character really self-centered. Which is okay because if you watch her character from the previous show they stayed with her characteristics but… there’s a way she can still care for her friends and find boys to be romantic with.

Alone together is a brand new show as well, the two main characters, Ester Povitsky and Benji Aflalo (those are their real names too), is a male-female friendship and is different but the same as the other shows I mentioned before. Two best friends trying to live there life as solid 6s in a world filled with 10s. I just love how they talk to each other, at one point in the show they were calling each other penises and Ester could not keep it together that she laughed; I also read that they are best friends in real life as well.

The characteristics that all these shows have in common (to me anyway), is that light-hearted, goofy, not giving a fuck attitude I love! Spunky and fresh and I can’t get enough of it when I watch these shows, after being around people who want to be serious all day and try to be cool and sexy because being [un] in any aspect is what no one wants is just wack to me! Just makes me realize that there are people that are out there who are just like me!

What show would you be interested in to watch or have you heard of any of these shows? I am passionate about a lot of these things and this is one of them. Later!


With Love & Sweetness,



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