Let’s Talk Tuesday: Bullet Journaling

Hey friends,

I’m not sure if I mentioned bullet journaling before, but I’ve been trying to get into it for some time now. I started the process of bullet journaling in December, at least the last week of December and it hasn’t been working out that much. It takes a lot of planning that, to me, it doesn’t make sense to actually take part in it. As a new minimalist, it just a little

un-minimal to me. I imagine once I finish drawing each page and all I’m doing is just filling each item in, it’ll all pay off but for now? I just can’t see it, for that, I might as well just use google calendar and add some emojis to it lol. Here’s what I did to start.

The supplies you need to start:


  • A notebook
  • Colored pencils or markers
  • Pen and/or pencils
  • Stickers (optional)
  • The Internet

Before I wanted to start drawing and mess up a perfectly great notebook I went on Pinterest and YouTube, and research all I could. I really didn’t understand what it was, so of course, I Googled it and tried to see if I could find a definition and what I got was: Bullet Journaling is an organization system to keep everything together such as drawing, notebooks, to-do lists, diary entries, and it should be everything that you need and more. It will teach you to do more, with less. That last sentence? I think is a little confusing because I find myself searching for ways to fill up my journal than actually enjoying the process (plus I’m lazy, I already carry so much in my bag as it is, I don’t need a bullet journal that’s going to add more weight to my bag). But because I’m a visual learner, I thought I would watch some videos on how it should look, that bad thing is, once you watch videos of creative people being… creative, it tends to feel like the bullet journal should be some extravagant, when honestly, it should just be something to help you keep organized. Here’s one video I thought to be helpful:

This is a great example of what I was talking about, very beautiful, she took the time out to think about each page, me? Oh not me, I’m still writing things down as I’m writing this post. I know the bullet journal is supposed to be personalized to you… I just can’t help but to over think the creative aspect of it. Technically, I bullet journal already so basically I have two of the same thing; one I take with me on the road and one I keep at home. The one at home is prettier than the one I take with me on the road, so that’s why sometimes I feel more obligated to want to fill the prettier one up, but realistically, the uglier one has way more pages filled (I honestly might have to buy a new one pretty soon).

I saw one bullet journal blog, while I was doing my research and I was so jealous! She went all out with her creativity that it made me want to buy a new journal, one that can take watercolors, and start over again. This is exactly what I’m talking about though, how helpful is bullet journal when it comes to coloring, watercolor, drawing, adding things to make it look pretty, how effective is bullet journaling?

In my case, bullet journal is actually really helpful. Sometimes I write things down on my phone, which helps but I’ve found that not actually handwriting it down, I will forget. For an example my blog posts, at one point in my life I had to download the app because while I’m out living life, posts would pop into my head and if I didn’t write down at least the title of the post, then I would I forget when it actually came time to thinking of ideas. Some months, more than others, ideas would just pour out of my head while others months I don’t even feel like writing. Bullet journaling has helped me with that because whether I have my phone on me or not, (which isn’t likely but then again, you never know), I can write it down my bullet journal.


As you see the picture above, bullet journaling is supposed to be a personal organization system to your lifestyle. My lifestyle is hectic, busy, some days relaxing while watching Netflix (like today), and driving… a whole lot of driving! To give you some examples of my bullet journals, this is what they look like:



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This the bullet journal that I keep at home and don’t very often fill. I added some more pages but I feel like I need to have more. The only good thing about this, I can add more to it if I want.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In this bullet journal, I didn’t really take a lot of pictures, that’s because I keep some important things in it. A majority of the things I do write are things I want to remember; like a word, in a new language, I just remembered.

So for the most part, bullet journaling has been okay. Have I been remembering to write in it every day? No, only when it’s important but it’s something I want to try for the new year. Tell me what you think down below, later!

With Love & Sweetness,



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