Homage Tuesday: Malcolm in the Middle

Hey friends,

I want to try and do something different on Tuesdays, I’ll still have my Let’s Talk Tuesdays, but sometimes there are tv shows, books, and sometimes movies that I really want to recommend you, (the readers). It’ll be under my wormhole section on my blog but that’s enough of the intro. Today’s post is going to pay homage to Malcolm in the Middle. I really regret that I never watched it as a kid but I’m happy I at least found it as an adult.

Malcolm in the Middle (in my own words), is a show about a family of six who gets into a lot of trouble. All the kids in the family are boys and these boys… get into all sorts of trouble. Looking back at my childhood, I never if hardly ever got in trouble. I only ever got detention once while in school, that was my childhood so it’s funny to me watching these boys, who are the complete opposite of me. Especially since the way the mother is, always damn yelling (lol). The idea behind the show seems so simple, a group of boys getting in trouble; that’s such a great idea! As a kid, I would always see the intro but change the channel because I didn’t know it was but as in adult it changed. How I started watching was because of my husband. We were talking about the show, I don’t even know how it started, and he was asking me if I ever watched the show. I told exactly what I said before, “I never knew what the show was, and every time the intro came on I changed the channel.” He said that I was buggin’ and I had to agree. At that time we watched it on Netflix, but it has been removed (which I don’t get) and is now on Hulu.


This is a clip of trailers that promoted the show when it was aired on tv. It would’ve been nice to post the first show available but I couldn’t find one. I love this show so much, I’m happy there was at least 7 season to keep me busy and fall in love with each character. Even if you haven’t watched it or saw the show and never wanted to watch, I promise you, you would want to change your mind. Later!



With Love & Sweetness,



5 thoughts on “Homage Tuesday: Malcolm in the Middle

  1. I like Malcolm in the Middle! I didn’t watch it as it aired but I binged watched it with my hubby. It’s so nice to see a family that’s not so perfect. Those boys were bad as ever lol. You don’t see many shows like that on TV now. Love your review of the show.

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  2. Ahhhh I love Malcolm in the Middle! I used to watch it a lot as a kid. I remember binging it on Netflix a couple years ago, too. Hal is still my favorite character, and what’s funnier is seeing the actor make such a change in Breaking Bad. I think there’s quite a few references to that out there lol. But I love the show so much, I wish they’d of kept it going!

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