Let’s Talk Tuesday: Skin, of all types #Minimalism

Being a minimalist, I learned that sometimes even simple things, such as a skin care routine can be simple. Click to read (www.theloop.ca via giphy)


Hello friends,

As many of you know, I love being on YouTube. There’s a lot of videos that come my way and I find myself watching a lot of make up tutorials as well as skin care routines. Men, women, teens, and sometimes kids all have a way of cleansing their skin, but how much is too much?

As a teen, in high school and my first years at college, I had points where my acne was out of this world! I mean it was bad. In high school, when hormones just want to ruin your life, my acne started out small; on my cheeks. To stop it in it’s tracks I tried the popular product at the time proactive. In a rush, (for what? I still don’t know), I tried all three products at the same time and gave myself a chemical burn on my face, and my face hasn’t been the same then. After then, I didn’t think to stop all use of products but I did cut back and gradually introduce each one into my new routine. My acne would get better but not enough to where I was comfortable. One day, I ran out of proactive and had a really bad out break, I soon stopped using it because it just got too expensive and my face was becoming sensitive. Soon after I switched to Aveeno, (I was a big Aveeno girl that if they wanted me to do a commercial I would’ve said yes in a heart beat).

When I moved to New York, my skin was okay, but I still had bad out breaks, maybe it was because the air was different or the food I was eating, but my skin was terrible all over. It stayed like that for at least two years, until I discovered Chinese medicine. I remember as a little girl my mother would go and visit the Chinese doctors and make her drink this tea, and it work wonders for her! So I started my research, I looked at all types of remedies, and I found my answer.


Image result for chinese medicine acne map
face mapping via google





  • Sometimes Acne is not acne but a rash

    • Some of the time these dermatologist just want to make a quick dollar and prescribe you these “medicine” to treat acne. It’s said that, “[Acne is a] skin condition that occurs when hair follicles plug with oil and dead skin cells..” If you really look at it, our body has a way of telling us that something is wrong, not all the time do you sneeze or cough when you’re allergic to something. Acne (to me) is seen as a sign that something is wrong internally, maybe it’s diet wise such as something you’re eating and allergic to it; anything.
  • Using 1,001 face products + Acne = Great Skin

    • Now a days a lot of people have been using the Korean method of cleaning their skin. Although it may work for some people, I imagine that there’s a majority of people it doesn’t work for. Thinking about 100 year or more back, before we had all these face products what did people use? They did not have a 10 step face routine, (if the people back then did, show me in the comment section). Simple is all that we need, our skin has a way of protecting itself on it’s own and if you break down those barriers with harsh products, it can cause the skin to react in a certain way; hence acne. One way to cleanse the skin is oil cleansing, all you do is take an oil of choice (also research which oil is good for the skin), wet the face, rub the oil on the face like you would face soap, wash it off, and reapply a small amount of the oil to moisturize the skin. It’s minimal, easy, and can save you a lot of money, I know for sure oil cleansing is what helped me clear my skin.
  • Don’t let anything just touch your face

    • When I was a kid, I use to touch my face. I’d open a door and then go put my hand on my face, it was terrible! I’ve learned not to touch my face, there are germs everywhere, even if I do touch my face, I’ll close my hand and rest my face on my fist. (Lol… I’ll insert a picture). 


piclist.com via giphy
  • Trial and Error

    • Have a trial and error with your body and see what happens. What I did was change my eating for a whole six months, it wasn’t easy but I tried. Instead of juice, I drank water with every meal and tea, instead of fruit snacks, I got real fruit and even got real fruit smoothies. Ate more salads, not all the time but my main focus was to cut back on junk food and bad eating habits. My skin cleared up so much!

I just thought that I’d share my thoughts with you all, if being a minimalist is going to be a life style, then all aspects of my life should be simple and we should think about what we are doing to our bodies. Even when it comes down to doing my hair, (and I have a lot of that lol). Overall, what do you think about having a simpler morning or night routine? Comment down below, later!


With Love & Sweetness,



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