Mundane Friday: I really want to start a business

Hello friends,

December has been one crazy month for me, even in the beginning. Many bad things has happen; I’ve even considered quitting my job and becoming a full time layer of the bed. Other than that — because it doesn’t pay the bills — I’ve really been wanting to start my own business. Not for the fact of working for myself and having the option of never leaving my home, but the satisfying feeling, of creating something people want.

When I graduated high school, I didn’t have much time to think about my future. Not that I was a slacker, but it never really came to mind what I would do after High School; graduation was too much on my mind. I knew I was suppose to go to college, but after? I had no clue what I wanted. All I knew is, I loved to write, read, and all things art. When applying to college, I thought FIT in Manhattan would be a perfect fit for me, but then I got distracted with stress and a little depression; I later dropped out. While at that school, I studied business, although math is my kryptonite, I thought that I could maybe struggle threw it or something like that; I was completely out of my right mind, because it took a turn for the worse. The other classes, were really interesting, I loved the aspect of selling goods to people especially if it’s something people really like. Then I got to the brain storming, the only good thing about where I live is every is within walking distance of me, so if I want to take a class, I can take a trip to Manhattan and learn everything I needed. Plus even if I didn’t live in New York, there are plenty of classes (free and not free), that’ll teach me how to get my home base business off of the ground. Even YouTube has videos on how to sell things, so what’s stopping me?


Well, money, that’s really stopping me, not having enough money to start, or finding the resources to start. I imagine I could do something but, it’s all really risky — and I’m not a big risk taker. I can come up with 1,001 reasons why I can’t start my business, but now that I really think about it, not one of them is a good enough reason. If I’m really being honest with myself. Of course I need a desktop computer, in order to get my home-work station working, plus a machine to help me create my designs, but I just feel like the timing and all my other bills are just taking too much of my time and money. Has there been anything you wanted to try? Comment down below, later!


With Love & Sweetness,



14 thoughts on “Mundane Friday: I really want to start a business

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  2. So I just put my blog out in October. This was my first time creating anything but I figured as long as I started, everything else would come. I say that to say, starting is the hardest part. If you believe in whatever it is you’re doing, and you’re working diligently at it, the rest will come. I will be starting a vlog on the anniversary of my blog so i’m currently getting the right equipment and spending the better part of 2018 creating content. Since my blog is a lifestyle one, it’s easy for me to cover a little bit of everything. I started creating content by going to Cape Town and most recently I bought a ticket for Coachella (which of course I’ll be vlogging at). All these things definitely take financial sacrifice but I believe in doing it right if you’re gonna do it. So take a look at your finances and see if there’s anything you could possibly go without and just start there. Look for affiliate links and sponsorships to get a little extra cash flow going. It’ll all come together, just get started! Pinterest has also saved my life with ideas. Looking forward to seeing more from you!

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    1. I completely agree, 2018 is not the time to be scared of anything and the year to try almost everything. Financial sacrifice is a risk but as you pointed out if it’s important to me, then it shouldn’t matter. Thanks for the push, can’t wait for the vlogs!


  3. Most of my computers are from junk. I put an ad on craigslist saying I’ll pick up your old computers that aren’t used anymore. Make up anything say you’re a poor college student. I also got a desktop, minus monitor, from a store around here for $89 (w/mouse and keyboard) after searching around their website . There’s a lot of ways to get things w/o paying out the ass. Old TVS work as monitors.. people are buying “the newest thing” all the time. I really don’t mind having last week’s thing if it costs virtually nothing.

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  4. Starting your own business would definitely be a cool thing to do. Eventually, I think I’d like to start my own studio or something like that, but like you said, all these things take money. You could try for a loan, but even if you get the loan, it could take years to pay off. It sucks, you have to have money to make money

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    1. Yes! The whole concept doesn’t even make any sense, there are way to cut corners but then those are risky. And like I mentioned, I am not a risk taker lol and you can definitely have a studio, you could even start in your home, that’s what I plan to do. But I need a computer, and that’s probably the most expensive thing I’m going to buy lol

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