Mundane Friday: A list of my favorite books

Hey everyone,

Since it’s getting colder and colder, I love to read during these time. Sitting in bed, not worrying about much, just me, the words on the page, and a hot cup of tea. I haven’t been reading as much as I want to, but I think now that it’s starting to get cold, it’ll lighten up my schedule. Although I love all genres, I favor some over others. This list will be referring to my Good Reads page.


I put this book first because I love how vivid the author is in telling the story. I mean with this list, there really is no #1 because all of these would be that #1.





Image result for awkward black girl book


This isn’t the original cover of the book but I absolutely, positively, am in love with book! The first I heard of this book was through Audible and I remember when it got to the funny parts, being on the bus — before I got my license, I use to take the bus to work — and trying to hard not to laugh. I feel like everyone should read her book, although she feels like she mentally is different from when this was published, I remember feeling like this when I was younger. I just absolutely love this book!



The title of this book always made me wonder, what the story would be about. Then I got the book, and… it was a really funny story. I wouldn’t recommend young kids to read it — then again … at what age are things inappropriate? Kids have cell phones. Anyways, I thought this book was funny, extreme at times (I think her friend was trying to turn her into a hoe, at one point) but it was funny.




18667945I saw the Netflix movie that was based on Sophia Amoruso but haven’t read the book yet. I heard that the book was amazing






77203I read this book in high school and I fell in love with it, the meaning behind this book is so deep! After we read the book, we watched the movie and doing both really made me love the book even more.



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