Let’s Talk Tuesday: How to cure writers block #3 – Music

Hey what’s up friends,

While I write post, or even when I’m doing my homework I love to listen to music. It helps me to stay focus, especially if it has a slow pace beat to it. Nice, relaxing music, always put me in the mood to write and create, I always said the type of music I play needs to be played softly in a coffee shop. So, I thought maybe I’d share my music play list with you today. Sometimes the music listen to just gives you this certain type of feeling… I just can’t explain it. It’s like my soul just feels at ease when it plays. Here’s a few songs that I listen to, while I write:

I actually heard this song on Instagram on time.

This is a play list of songs

I LOVE this because of the cartoon, pretty sure this isn’t the sound track but you never know.

Another amazing mix! This person is actually on spotify. I love the rain in the beginning. I love to read to this type of music.


A lot of the songs I listen to, are slow pace, almost like you could write lyrics to it, (if you really wanted to though). That’s how I get into the mood of writing, I generally don’t listen with lyrics, or else I’d be singing more than writing, or whatever I’m trying to stay focus on, (and we don’t need that).

Comment down below if you like this type of music or if it helped you stay focus. Later!


With Love & Sweetness,



3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Tuesday: How to cure writers block #3 – Music

  1. I like listening to similar kind of music when I’m trying to write something creative – it’s good background motivator music lol. And calming. Lyrics distract me too much when I’m trying to concentrate

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