🎃Let’s Talk Tuesday🎃: How about some scary games?

Hello friends,

Happy Halloween! I’m not much of a scary movie type of person I don’t like feeling scared, I don’t like horror. Even kids movies kind of scare me. This post though, I want to discuss horror, but as a video game.

As my previous post about the game, The Last Of Us, although it’s not scary but has it’s jumpy moments, I have played actual scary games. Here’s a list of 10 games I’m dying to buy:

I want to get this game so bad, it comes out in December. It’s not really scary, but the part where the zombies come out makes my heart beat skip.

Little nightmares is about a girl who has to get around, without getting caught by monsters. The game I thought was very cool and its a great option for people who like puzzles.

I thought this game would be a great addition to the list. This is more of a mind game type, its psychological, or that’s what its suppose to be. Telling from this little clip? I think they were right.

Visage is another game that I really want to play, at night with all the lights off. I’m not sure when it comes out, the developers actually have a kickstart, so I don’t know what that means for the release date of the game. Hopefully it comes out soon!

The beginning of this trailer just had me hiding behind my hands. I think that’s self explanatory on how frightening this is.

Watching this trailer, I felt like my skin was crawling! The character is roaming around the town and coming across strange situations. I think I’m definitely getting this game.

Reminds me of silent hill, so getting this!

I get a Red Redemption feel from this, it’s not necessarily scary but the set up and time period is what makes me feel otherwise.

I didn’t get to play the first one, but the second one seems like its better anyways.

Last but not least the best game I saved for last. I actually played a little of this, it was the most scariest game I’ve ever played. I definitely do plan on buying this game, (but definitely when the price goes down, lol).

Well I hope you like this list of mine, maybe you’ll buy one of these games or have heard one of these games. Later!

With Love & Sweetness,



7 thoughts on “🎃Let’s Talk Tuesday🎃: How about some scary games?

  1. The only game I’ve really heard of off of this list was Resident Evil haha. I watched a play through of it and had friends tell me it’s a must have to get. I’m so behind on video games because all the new games aren’t compatible with my outdated Xbox 360 😂

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      1. Haha I haven’t for awhile! I did buy a Wii U over the summer though lmao. And I love the classic Resident Evil games!! And haha maybe, but most likely not! Other things are on my list first :p

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