Mundane Friday: Old commercials

Hey friends,

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been watching Standford and Sons, and Diff’rent Strokes, because I never really watched them as a kid (because I was born in the 90s). These shows are great for every one to watch, they really make me laugh with all their jokes that tell and the scenarios they go through. While watching this show, though, there are no commercials breaks, with each show passing by, I got to wondering what kind of commercials they showed around this time period.

The wonderful thing that I love about this day and age, is that the Internet has everything, (it’s even helping me pass my Spanish class). Whether it’s accuate or not, the Internet has everything, so I Googled the time period of the show — which was around early 70s to mid-80s. Then I went to YouTube and found some great material! (I do not own the right these videos, they are being used as reference, you can click on the video and view the persons page).


This commercial was pretty cool; a little history lesson for the kids as well as a great product to use.

In this commercial, it’s pretty dry. I don’t why, maybe it needs music or something, but I found this one interesting.

I actually think I had this cereal before, it was kind of good. I think this brand ended in the 90s, but I definitely think I’ve had this cereal before.

I think that this is funny, but I don’t get it. I’m not sure if she’s trying to say that it’s healthy or something but, I think this is cute.


Dang, I wish that this place still exists! I would be there right now!

I don’t care how much I’m getting paid, I don’t do things like this. I love the concept though; a man in a chair, getting a “lap dance” from a sexy car. Brilliant!

Almost everyone loves a good Chevy!

This was before they came up with the song. I thought it was interesting, the way the voice over pronounced the word.

So this was a sight look back for the 90s and 2000 kids who were wondering, like I was, what the commercials were about during those times. For more of these posts, let me know down below. Later!

With Love & Sweetness,



7 thoughts on “Mundane Friday: Old commercials

  1. Haha oh gosh, I love watching old commercials. There’s something so cheesy but nostalgic about it. I’ll see commercials from the 90s on Facebook sometimes and they’re always captioned “remember this?” And we forget until we watch them. Commercials these days kind of suck in comparison haha. There’s no charm. For most of them. Especially the kids ones!

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    1. Yes! I completely agree, some of the commercials made me laugh so hard! Like the ranch dressing one? That one was really funny. I more look at the products they had during that time, mini trends, and what type of comedy. But yes, the kids commercials do suck now a days lol

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      1. Yes!! Haha. And I like doing that, too, because there’s such a difference! Or even if it’s something still popular today, the logo and branding was completely different. And yes they do haha

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