Let’s Talk Tuesday: 7 dares

Hey friends,

So around the time of Labor Day weekend, I had been watching Game of Thrones, eating all types of junk, and would go to sleep. Have you ever just wanted to do something but talk yourself out of it? Make up any excuse on why not to do something? Well here’s what my dream said about that.

I’m not sure it must have been some junk food I ate,

even though I don’t remember eating before bed (because I never do… if my mother reads this lol) but it was something. In the beginning of the dream, I was preparing a podcast. I had just finish writing three post for my blog when I got an email. *Attention Alart: I never open random emails, that’s how you get computer STDs*. So I opened the email, and it was like something out of the movie Nerve


You have been selected, your challenge begins now. You have to complete 7 tasks, no matter how long they may take you, it must be 7. If you do not complete the tasks, you will suffer the consequences.

Me, following the rules just had to obey, which made me create a list. When I continued to read the email it said I had to complete four things I’ve desire, two tasks that I’m afraid to complete and one fast that will be the greatest challenge I never thought I’d complete. Before I woke up I only completed two tasks and I was at the age of 30 (not sure why it took me so long lol).

When I woke up, I thought the dream was very odd. Lately, I’ve been having very odd dreams, but this one takes the cake. I know people like doing challenges and stuff so maybe this should be a challenge. You can do it, or comment below your thoughts, just let me know what you think. Later!

With Love & Sweetness,


7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Tuesday: 7 dares

  1. That sounds like an interesting dream! My dreams are rarely that interesting, at least I don’t remember if they are. Also, GoT is easy binge-worthiness. People are obsessed with challenges these days, I’m guilty of it. I’m doing a writing challenge and I thought about starting a photography one lol.

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