Mundane Friday: Things don’t, always, go as planned

Hello friends,

Lately, I’ve been trying to get my life in order. By that I mean, I’ve been trying to do things in a certain order, by a certain time, before a certain day, and lately, I’ve been giving myself deadlines; but for what?

Ever since I was younger I’ve been a “planner”, I put the quotes on planner because the only time it use to work was when I’d schedule the times my tv shows would come on.

Other than that, anything else in my life I’d try to plan, would never work. Ever since elementary school, I’d always try to have a time to do things: how long it would take for me to clean my room, how long it would take for me to work out, how long it would take for me to shower, do homework, and so on. The thing is though, it would never go as planned and even now life never goes as planned.

I remember watching this movie as a kid, I don’t remember the name of the show or who played in it but she had everything planned down to the T! (Wait, I think if might have been a lindsay lohan movie) The plot of the movie was that nothing can be figured out down to a specific T and sometimes you just need to go with the flow. Ever since then, I’ve just been going with the flow.

I went from planning and writing down everything I was suppose to do for the day to, just waking up and seeing what i felt like doing. You see, I had to take a step back from planning my life because it can become stressful. Especially me? Sometimes I feel like I’m the stress queen, (Plus people tell me I’m dramatic, which isn’t true). But I just can’t help it, I’m trying to teach myself to calm down and relax but it’s hard.

I guess the lesson I learn from this is to just see where life takes me, don’t plan my life down to a T (unless it’s blog post lol), and to just chill and drink wine, and smoke my non-nioctin vape mod (lol). So kitties, hopefully this post helps, later!!

With Love & Sweetness,


5 thoughts on “Mundane Friday: Things don’t, always, go as planned

  1. Planning is so stressful because of that! You can’t ever plan everything out exactly, the most you can do is have an idea of what’s going on at a specific time and go from there. Make little goals for yourself and try to relax! Planning sounds good until you realize that if you planned out everything you do in a day, it’s virtually impossible 😅

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    1. Lol see my issue was I use to watch movies a lot and sometimes the main character would be a control freak and plan everything down to a T. I tried the same and it was too much…. now I’m a go with the flow type of gal lol. But your right, no one can ever 100% plan everything out.

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