Let’s Talk Tuesday: Burning down the house…

Hello friends,

Yesterday at work, I got asked a random question. I kid you not, my coworker walked up to my desk and asked me, “Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe — good because I have a fish tank lol) What do you grab?

Uhm… first thing I would grab is my important papers; birth certificate, social security card, etc. Second thing, would have to be… my books — my how to and some of my fiction books. Third thing would be, clothes, shoes and handbags — assuming that that’s all one category. You can live anywhere but clothes accumulates so, I wouldn’t want to have to buy everything again. Forth thing, my paintings. Some of which I painted, some of which I found. And fifth thing would be, my art and audio equipment, because I would hate to have to repurchase all that stuff again.

It’s funny because I had to take some time to think about what items I would take. Even then, I live in a studio, so a majority of the stuff I said, is my whole apartment. Hopefully, by the grace of God, it’s a slow burning fire and I have enough time to just pack up everything and move lol. Making it a little more difficult, though, if I had to pick one item from each broad category I said, that would be more interesting, so here it goes. First I would pick my safe — that’s not going to change. Second, my books, which books? My kindle, Liars Game by Eric Jerome Dickey, whatever book I have in my handbag at the moment, Disappearing act by Terry McMillan, and Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rye. Third, clothes — all items; pants, shirts, undies, and socks. Forth, I’d tried to grab as much paintings as possible. Fifth, I know I said my arts and audio equipment but I would through everything into my art portfolio case and then bounce. Only because I would hate to have to replace everything, I don’t have the time or the patience to do that. As a matter of fact, I think I might open some insurance after I post this, just in case. What are some of the things you would pick up in case of a fire? Comment down below five things.


With Love & Sweetness,



4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Tuesday: Burning down the house…

  1. Hahaha! I totally agree about throwing stuff out the window, my only thing is I live in an apartment building, so I don’t know how that work. But yes, I hope this situation never happens but I think it’s interesting what people would take with them. Thank you for comment as well!


  2. That’s always a toughie because in a real fire you might not have time to grab everything, and that’s the scary part! But if I’m picking 5 things, I’d say they’re pretty similar lol…

    1. My purse (which has my money, important info)
    2. My camera I just got (it may have been free but hell if I’m losing it already)
    3. As many books as I can grab. I have a small fortune in just books
    4. My portfolio if I could save it, my art supplies
    5. As many clothes as I can grab

    And if there would be so much time left over, my games and systems because there’s a small fortune right there alone lol.

    But honestly, in a real fire, my purse would be the first thing I would grab, and everything else would be whatever I could get my hands on. I’d start throwing stuff out the window if I had to.

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