Mundane Friday: I start class next week


Hello friends,

My summer has come to an end because classes start next week, but I’m not so sure I’m ready. I felt like I needed this break but when I think about what I did all summer… I did absolutely nothing. Granted it’s not like I can go home for the summer and live under my mom’s roof, (I live by myself), but still. I mean, the only activity I did was go skating in Jersey but that’s about it.

I was actually suppose to have fun this summer because that was the agreement I made to myself, I said, “Self, the only way you can get out of having class this summer is if you do something productive and/or fun.” and although I didn’t have the fun that, I thought I would have, I had more of a productive summer. I redid my blog (after so many tries)! I actually feel content with what I’ve come up with and let me tell you, it hasn’t been easy. via/ giphy

When I first started blogging, it was 2010 and I had a lot going on that year. I had just started High School (showing my age lol) and I was in that awkward stage where you’re trying to find yourself. I always loved writing and kept journals in my room, my mom had just gotten into read sewing blogs, even though she’s been sewing all my life. My mom thought it would be a great idea for me to start blogging, it’d be away for me to show case my skills and (at the time) who knew where it could lead me. I mean what’s the worst thing that could happen? When I first started out, I did what everyone else did and wrote about fashion. That didn’t really work with me very much because, although I like to look good like the next person, it’s not my life’s passion and dedication to put my heart and soul into it, (no offense). So, it got boring. Then I gave a go at a lifestyle blog, that didn’t work too much, only because I felt it wasn’t direct enough. Then there was a period where I wasn’t writing at all because I just wasn’t happy with what my blog was. So the time, that I spent away from school and stresses, it helped me developed my blog. I also learned how to create more content and put them on a schedule too, which is a plus. That way, while school starts to get out of hand, I can still create content.

Another helpful tip I learned from this summer was about podcast. Recently, when my mother and husband are busy at work (boo), and I have no one else to talk to, sometimes it’s nice to just hear a voice. I guess that’s why I like podcasts, I can listen to one person talk, or I can listen to multiple people talking. Either way, it helps me stay focus on what I need to do and helps past the time by. Well I was listening one day, I thought to myself, I can start my own podcast and post it to my blog. Let me tell you something, writing all the time, it gets… tiresome. I know, I know, “How can you want to blog but not want to write all the time, that’s what blogging is, duh!” but you know what? Shut up, that’s what I have to say. I always use to wish I could tell you, the Internet world, what I wanted to say, rather than writing all the time, (beside, sometimes I get cramps in my fingers and I’m not trying to get carpal tunnel). But, now that I re-read this post, maybe my summer was poppin’! I did a lot of self improvements rather than going out and spending money — especially money I don’t have.

Well, I’m actually more than ready to go back to school. Anymore time that I wait, my brain will turn to mush. So, we’ll see how the semester goes, until next time! via/ giphy

With Love & Sweetness,



12 thoughts on “Mundane Friday: I start class next week

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